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Here at Streetwise UK Management Ltd we are continually considering how we can improve our impact on Corporate and social responsibility in our business and the environment we work.

Our management team are guided by our business Code of Ethics which instructs our commitment to behave ethically and contribute to the business economic development, whilst improving the quality of life for our workforce, their families, and the communities we work.

The guiding principles of our Ethics Code necessitates that:

  • We are committed to creating a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees.
  • We create a workplace where there is mutual trust and where every employee feels,

responsible for the performance and reputation of the company.

  • We respect our employees’ human rights, customs, and traditions.
  • We work towards achieving a diverse workforce.
  • We assist employees in realising their full potential.


Our Company Policy sets out our company’s commitment to conduct, respect and standards which we expect our employees to maintain in their daily dealings with their colleagues, customers and third parties.

This responsibility is promoted through our management team by the guiding principles of human rights at work, equal opportunities, diversity and data protection.  

The guiding principles of our company Corporate Social Responsibility are:

  • To treat our employees fairly and honestly and provide the appropriate job skills and training.
  • To pay a fair wage reflecting local market conditions and to meet any minimum wage sanctions.
  • To comply with the industry guidelines and national standards of working hours.
  • Commit to not engage in child labour or bonded labour.
  • To ensure that slavery or human trafficking does not occur in our organisation or supply chain.
  • Not to use or condone mental, physical coercion or verbal abuse.

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